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      Quality -Conformity Certificate
:How to obtain the service


It is a certificate issued by EOS upon the request of the applying establishment, indicating the conformity of a special

amount of the product to the relevant Egyptian standard after conducting the required relevant technical studies. 

The conformity certificate system is aiming at:

-Serving consumers by ensuring that the products used is conformed to the relevant Egyptian standards.

-Serving producers by promoting their conformed production. . 

-Serving the national economy by following the relevant standards which ensure the increase of production as well as raising

its quality and reducing its costs . 

-Facilitating marketing and raising the competitiveness of Egyptian products in the Egyptian and international markets. 

-Ensuring the quality and the continuous improvement to gain customers confidence.

Obtaining the Egyptian conformity certificate requires the following:

-The availability of the required provisions to obtain the conformity certificate. 

-EOS will carry out the required procedures to qualify the establishment to obtain the Egyptian conformity certificate .

-Obtaining the establishment a conformity certificate for supplying specified samples of the product; means that the

product is tested to verify its conformity to the relevant Egyptian standards.

First: provisions for granting the conformity certificate: 

EOS grants the establishment, upon its request, the conformity certificate for supplying a certain product indicating their

conformity to the relevant Egyptian and foreign standards after fulfilling the following conditions:

1-The establishment should have the approval of the General Organization for Industrialization or the General Organization

for Investment as well as the Industrial Register and an applicable manufacturing license .

2-Approved Egyptian and foreign standard by EOS is needed .

3-The conformity of the drawn samples results, represented in the supply for the relevant standard.

4-The establishment should provide EOS with all the required data on the product applying for conformity certificate along

with facilitating the process of obtaining samples for being tested..the required

5-The establishment should remit all the required fees according to EOS Council Resolution issued in this respect .

The validity of the conformity certificate is exclusive for the detailed supply indicated in the certificate and it can't be

used for any other supplies . 

Second :The procedures of obtaining the conformity certificate:  

1-The establishment should submit an application for obtaining the conformity certificate to EOS for supplying a certain

product  to any concerned body which should be reviewed, studied and fulfilled with any required documents or data if any.

2-EOS representative should pay a visit to the establishment and draw random samples representing the supply required for

granting the conformity certificate as well as making a report signed by EOS and the establishment representatives.

3-Testing and inspecting the drawn samples according to the relevant Egyptian standard either at EOS or the establishment

labs or any accredited labs.  

4-Assessing the testing and auditing results to indicate their  conformity to the relevant standards.

5-Granting the conformity certificate according to the attached form in case of conformity of the drawn samples to the

relevant standards after remitting the required fees.

6- Notifying the establishment in case of nonconformity indicating the non conformed items.