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The unit of energy efficiency consumption

 A Unit established to activate the Ministerial Decree No. 171 / 2011 (to oblige producers and importers putting energy

consumption labels on electrical appliances and light bulbs for home use and oblige them to submit these labels to EOS to

review data  and verify the level of energy consumption before putting them on the market.

The role of EOS through the unit  :

- putting the design and instruction concerned with fixing energy efficiency consumption labels .

- Issuing conformity certificate of energyefficiency consumption label  and granting the permission for fixing them 

- organizing  workshops for all manufacturers and importers ,supervisory bodies and the relevant ministries in order to raise

awareness of the importance of applying energy efficiency standards and the role of the EOS in verifying the data of energy

efficiency labels.

The Unit aims to:

1. Organizing the Egyptian market and  putting norms and mechanisms for the trading of household appliances and lamps for

home use.

2. Raising awareness for the consumer to choose the least energy-consuming device through comparing the energy efficiency

consumption labels affixed to  the appliances.

3. Encourage manufacturers to improve product designs and components in order to improve the energy efficiency of the

product, leading to increased competitiveness for national products in foreign markets.

4. Raise awareness of the importance of energyefficiency consumption to the consumer and factory which contributes to

energy rationalization in Egypt.

5. Contributing controlling of domestic production and imported products and the fight against fraud.

6. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through using devices and energy-saving lamps  with higher-level of  energy efficiency

The tasks of the unit:

1. Verifying the energy efficiency labels of electric appliances and household lamps for home use.

2. Verification of the power consumption of electric household appliances and lamps pre-market.

3. Granting conformity certificate for the energy efficiencyconsumption label for electric household appliances and lamps.

4. Giving the permission for fixing energy efficiencyconsumption label.

5. Registratingthe bodies and  the accredited laboratories  granting  conformity certificates or test reports for energy

efficiencyconsumptionof electric appliances and household lamps home use (complete data and activity).

6- Registration of (producers and importers) bodies obtaining the efficiency of energy consumption label conformity

certificates (complete data and activity).

7. preparing Database for the bodies and companies obtaining permission tofix the energy efficiency label.

8. preparing Database for bodies and companies- that have been refused / suspended to obtain the permission - to fix the

energy efficiency label .

9. providing assistance and technical consultation required to all the parties concerned in this field.

10. responding to government and non-governmental agencies when querying any of the establishments or agencies or

companies contained in paragraph (7.6).

11. Registering all complaints, disputes and corrective procedures. it also takes appropriate procedures to resolve such

complaints with the documentation of the  taken procedures.

A practical guide on applying  the energy management system (United Nations Industrial Development Organization):

  Energy Management System Tools

  Practical Guide on applying the energy management system (sample project plan)

Contact us:

Head of Unit: Eng. Seham Tawfik Ebrahim

Mobile: 01016784305