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 The Unit hopes that small and medium enterprises are the locomotive of the Egyptian economy through high-quality

products, complying with the Egyptian standard, with high competitiveness in the national markets and seizing export



Increasing awareness among small and medium entrepreneurs on Egyptian standard and raising their efficiency through

applying  these standards and how to check the conformity of  a product  to the Egyptian standards as this is a basic gate to

give confidence in the product and qualifier for the exportation of products to national or global markets in the framework

of a quality management system fits the size and the type of activity within these projects, as we seek the continued

cooperation and coordination with relevant partners for the development of institutional and human capacity for these



1-    Improving the quality of small and medium enterprises products.

2.     The conformity of small and medium enterprises products to the Egyptian standards.

3- Increasing the competitiveness of products for small and medium enterprises in the domestic and international markets.

Unit's activities

1.    Awareness of the Egyptian standards and its importance and the return of applying it .

2.    training on applying of the relevant product standard.

3.    Awareness of the fundamental principles of the quality and the return of the applying the quality system.

4.    Providing the technical consultancy related to standardization.

5.    Conductingcertified laboratory tests for industrial products.

6-Industrial Modernization Center support all of the services provided by EOS through Egyptian industry modernization

center by covering most of the  costs of these services in the case of company's registration in industrial  modernization

center .

Revenue from applying the technical support program

1. Conformity of the product to the Egyptian standard.

2. Reducing production costs by reducing the defective product and the costs of recycling.

3.  Ensure coordination and direct link between the objectives and orientations of the company and the demands and

expectations of customers.

4. Converting the vision for the future of the company into orientations and objectives can be measured.

Target group

Workers in SMEs from who are working on  quality improvement and the prevention of any defects or deviations in the quality

of products in all industrial sectors (food, engineering, textile, chemical).

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To call

Head of the unit: M / Mohamed Abd El-Fattah Abu Bakr

Phone: 228455222 internal 173

Mobile phone: 01111461465