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It is an approved mark by EOS referring to the conformity of the product to the relevant mandatory Egyptian standard for

engineering products

The conformity mark system is mandatory applying on the products for which mandatory Ministerial Decrees have been issued in

respect of engineering products

EOS carries out periodical tests and inspections on those products to verify their conformity to the relevant Egyptian standards 


 :Required procedures 

  1.  1-The establishment should apply to EOS for obtaining  Conformity Mark.  

    2- A visit should be paid to the establishment to study its potentialities and the manufacture of the prototype

  2. for production. .

    3- Conducting the tests and inspections on the prototype according to the relevant Egyptian standards and

  3. evaluating the test results.

     4- Notifying the establishment as soon as finalizing the tests and inspections.

                A.In case of conformity, the establishment is notified to start the production process according to the

  4.             prototype while keeping it in the establishment so as to refer to it in case of necessity

               B. In case of nonconformity, the establishment is notified with the reasons to avoid it and provide a new

  5.            prototype  to be retested.

    5-The establishment should submit an application for inspecting the production batch and obtaining the

  6. conformity marks.

     6-Testing and inspecting the production batch according to the prototype and issuing inspecting records