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The foreign & international standards:

The Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality (EOS) plays an effective role to cope with the global approaches

in the activities & fields of standards and quality. Therefore, Ministerial Decrees no. 102/2022 have been issued stipulating that in case there is no Egyptian standards for a product, one of the following international and foreign

standards should be applied: 

- ISO Standards 

 - IEC Standards 

 - EN Standards, and if not available, BS, DIN or NF Standards could be used..

- American National Standards (ANSI).

- Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).

- CODEX Standards.

- American Society for Testing and Materials Standards (ASTM International). 

- Japanese Automobile Standards Organization Standards (JASO).

- Society of Automotive Engineers Standards (SAE).

- American Petroleum Institute Standards (API). 

The whole product or commodity must be .subject to one standard only in all its items.

In this respect, EOS undertakes the task of assisting the industrial authorities and national bodies to obtain the required

relevant standards and publications issued by the corresponding international organizations and foreign bodies through:

- Selling of international & foreign standards.

- preparing a recent updated statement of the relevant Egyptian and international standards.

How to obtain international and foreign standards:

1- The General Department for Technical Relations at EOS premises undertakes the necessary measures for selling Egyptian,

International & foreign standards issued by the corresponding relevant international and regional standardization bodies.

2- Customers become acquainted with international or foreign and international standards catalogues available at electronic

international organizations and institutes' websites that are accessible through EOS website to identify the number & name

of the required standard.

3-The General Department for Technical Relations undertakes in collaboration with Information Center the necessary

measures for selling standards to customers as well as guiding them to the right way to obtain the required standards. 

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