Quality » Quality – Trailers Inspection

All kinds of trailers (slow gear, agricultural, fast gear trailers should be examined as follows:

A letter should be submitted by the trailer producing company to EOS, attached with the following documents:

 -The General Organization for Industrialization approval..

 -The industrial register (valid and indicating the types of trailers and their annual capacity).

-Working license .

 -The engineering designs of the slow gear trailers/half fast gear trailors approved by one of  Engineering faculties &

accredited according to the industrial register..

The General Department for Quality should carry out the following:

1-A field visit should be paid to the establishment to know its potentialities (equipment , employment, testing equipment).)

2-The factory should apply for examining the slow gear, agricultural //half fast gear trailors for license and the required

inspection fees should be remitted Slow gear trailers {L.E.150}  Half Fast gear trailers {L.E.200} according to the

  EOS Board of Directors Decree no.174/2013.

3-A committee from EOS engineers should inspect the trailers in the company and their conformity to the approved

engineering designs & the relevant standards issued issued in this respect and press the conformity logo on the right

side of the trailer on the right and left of the chacet number and the print is being taken on the relevant report of EOS.

 4-Approving the verification and inspection report for each trailer by EOS with the republic logo , and the company will

remit all the fees of conformity mark that should be granted by EOS to be fixed on the trailer

(slow gear trailer markL.E.100 ),(fast gear trailer mark L.E.150).