What is the body?

Summed up the tasks and activities of the Commission and Mkhtthma the short and long term in the following points: * State representation in international and regional organizations in the fields of standards, quality and standards and calibration. * Develop and issuing Egyptian standards. * License granted quality certificates of conformity Egyptian products mark in various fields. * Providing advice and technical support in the fields of standards, quality and standards and calibration. * Calibration of measurement and testing companies and industrial plants devices. * Testing and laboratory tests. * Providing information in the fields of standards, quality, metrology, calibration and supply by the concerned authorities. * Training of personnel, industry and other stakeholders on the activities of all the specifications and quality inspection, testing, measurement and calibration. * Rehabilitation facilities for quality systems and environmental and safety management. * Carrying out inquiries with regard to the Convention on Technical Barriers to Trade Point (TBT). * Participate in the activities of international standards issued by ISO global Organization (ISO). * Participate in the work of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (Codex) CODEX. * Implementation of quality management systems and environmental management systems and Consumer Affairs of the corresponding committees of the WTO ISO activities. * Egyptian National Committee for Consumer Affairs Management (Kubolko) COPOLCO. * United Arab version specifications in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrial Development and Mining (AIDMO). * Participating in the African Organization for Standardization Activities (ARSO).