About EOS

   About EOS


Vission and Message

To be a senior international reference
in the field of standards, metrology, testing, and training at the international level and meet all the needs and expectations of all current and future stakeholders on the basis  of the international standards and adopting all its activities from international and independent accreditation bodies.  


 Protecting the Egyptian consumer from the counterfeit and fake goods and improving the public health and the preservation of health ,safety, environmental protection and raising the competitiveness of the Egyptian product in  the international markets in order to open new markets for Egyptian products in global markets, which aims to support the national economy through the Authority's activities in the field of issuing standards, quality systems, measurement , calibration , testing and the granting of certificates of  products  conformity. All applications related to these activities

 values :
- Neutrality
- Transparency
- Cooperation and participation
- Independence
- The fair presentation
- Style depending on evidence
- work as one team
- Optimization and sustainable development
- Quality, creativity and excellence
- perfection  and professionalism
- Efficiency and effectiveness
- Openness