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Closing Ceremony of the EU Twinning Project with the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality with its EU partners

Under the auspices of H.E. Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Eng. Tarek Kabil, and H.E. Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality celebrates a successful EU Twinning Project. This twinning project was implementedover the past two years with EU partner institutions under the name “Support the Egyptian Quality and Regulatory Environment in Line with International Best Practice”. A Closing Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, May 24th 2017, at Fairmont Nile City Towers Hotel. The event will be attended by the European project leaders, the EU ambassador, EU representatives, and several attendees from different organizations, such as the industrial, trade, international cooperation, as well as public and private sectors.


The project started in March 2015 and is being implemented over 2 years under the auspices of the Support to the Association Agreement Programme SAAP affiliated to Ministry of  Investment and International Cooperation   by a consortium which is led by the French Association for Standardisation (AFNOR), with the United Kingdom British Standards Institution (BSI) and the Spanish Asociacion Espanola de Nornalizacion (AENOR) as junior partners.


Funded by the European Union, the objective of this Twinning Project is to support and strengthen the performance of the Egyptian Quality Infrastructure within the national reform priorities so that it is aligned with European and international best practices for building capability. The project aims  to complement the efforts that Egypt is making to negotiate the ACAA agreements (Agreement on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products) with the EU.  The project has focused in particular onstrengthening the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality by further improving its role in the development of the regulatory framework governing the Egyptian Quality Infrastructure and the drafting of technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures. The Twinning project has supported the development of a framework for the conformity assessment of products and services in line with EU legislation practices and procedures. Once operational, this will support economic, political and social development in Egypt.

The project activities were implemented through offering trainings, lectures, workshops as well as study visits for Egyptian experts. The three main components were identified as standardization activities, conformity assessment activities and institutional capacity of EOS.

The technical assistance were varied between  :


1- Awareness and training activities for the National Quality Infrastructure representative and EOS staff about good regulatory practices and support in developing Technical regulation aligned with EU Directive (in line with ACCA priorities.

2- Increase awareness from government institution through training, support and coaching was provided to EOS staff to upgrade product certification process up to ISO 17065.

3-A new activity was launched and EOS can now present proficiency testing provider service in line with ISO 17043.


4- Support to EOS staff in human resources management competence and skills

5-Trainings were given for the IT department to develop new CMS system for EOS standardization activity and also to develop an Information security management system.

6-Finally, the project achievement includes a strong support to EOS top management in drafting EOS global strategy.

The Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality and the EU Partner institutions strongly wish to keep their cooperation after the end of the project, in order to improve the quality infrastructure in Egypt.



EOS is the only official and competent authority entrusted with all matters related to standardization, and is also operating in quality control and certification as well as industrial metrology.

EOS elaborates national standards for raw materials, products, testing methods, symbols and terms, quantities and units, calibration and verification of measures and measuring instruments.

Moreover, it provides the necessary measures and testing for quality control of raw materials and products to assess its conformity to national or international standards for verification of quality, legislation requirementsorconformity with Egyptian Quality Mark Scheme.

EOS operates several product certification schemes, including: The Conformity Mark Scheme, for products for which a Ministerial Decree has been issued; and the Quality Mark Scheme, which is voluntary and upon request from the industrial establishment, and the Halal Mark for food and cosmetics.EOS also organizes training programmes and seminars in collaboration with other organizations on all subjects related to standardization. It has a membership in ISO, OIML, ARSO, AIDMO, EOQ, IMEKO, ASTM, and CEN.